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Kozal is Cat of the Month

22 September 2017
Kozal is Cat of the Month Look! Charming older gent Kozal is September's Cat of the Month.

This super handsome 16-year-old cat is a true little gentleman in a fur coat.

His good manners mean he can be a little slow in coming forward but, once he gets to know you, he is really loving old boy.

But he has been overlooked in his pen - so we appeal to you now: give Kazal another chance.

In spite of his mature years, Kozal is does not show any sign of slowing down. He still has plenty of vim and vigour, and even a little swagger.

With cats often enjoying a good life even from 17-23 years, Kazal could have plenty of life in him yet. With love, luck and medical check-ups, Kozal could enjoy years to come. Indeed, the oldest cat homed from the NCAC was 25-years-old.  

Like many older cats, Kozal suffers a little with arthritis. But this comes with being lucky enough to have lived a full and active life.

Being in a pen doesn’t help him, as Kozal needs to be a bit more active. So a loving home with a garden for Kozal to stretch his legs is what we are looking for our handsome man.

Kozal is an affectionate lad. He loves to have his head and cheeks tickled, gives great head butts and, left to his own devices can be caught playng and having a great time in his own company. Really, he isn't any bother to anyone.

With all of this we are mystified as to why he hasn’t been chosen. He has had to watch all the other cats go before him.

So please consider Kozal for your family home. He is a wonderful cat, full of character, and  just wants to feel loved for the quieter years ahead.

We are appealing for that home on his behalf. We know it is out there - our wonderful supporters never let us down.

Please visit Kazal's profile on our website (yes, he's a very modern cat, you see!) to see a video of Kazal in action. 

If you would like ot offer Kazal a home, please get in touch via our usual NCAC channels.